Monday, Aug 28,2006

Recently, GSROC was called upon to assist a dog that had endured tremendous cruelty at the hands of an abuser. Mrs. Richard Pryor, wife of the beloved actor Richard Pryor, made a personal plea to German Shepherd Rescue of OC to save a dog that was being held as “evidence” in an animal abuse investigation. A beautiful, proud, noble shepherd had been intentionally doused with battery acid, leaving 2/3 of his body badly burned. With Mrs. Pryor’s help, we were able to have the dog released into our custody while the investigation continues. The dog, whom we have named Justice, is currently undergoing treatment at our vet’s office. Although his body is ravaged with wounds, some of which are so deep that they might require skin grafts, Justice is expected to make a full recovery with time and loving care. Please click here to view a small news clip about this noble and deserving dog.

Please note that while the news segment does not make it clear, this dog was