Monday, Sep 25,2006

Imagine, if you can, standing in the middle of a huge dirt square with nothing green anywhere in sight. Surrounding you on all four sides are walls of dog kennels, some more dilapidated than others, forming a complete box around the open sandy area that you are in. The outside of the square is completely enclosed with plywood, making it impossible to see anything except an endless row of dogs no matter which way you turn. Each row of dogs has approximately 30 cages…each cage has either two or three dogs in it. The din from the barking is practically deafening as all of the dogs rush to the front of their cages and stand on their back feet to try to reach you. Some are even stretching their paws out of the metal bars as if to say, “Please, please”….

This is the horror-movie-come-true that our volunteers found themselves in when they journeyed to Kern County to rescue three shepherds from a sanctuary that had been closed down. The caretaker of the sanctuary had been given 30 days to find “somewhere” for