Tuesday, Sep 29,2009

During what should have been a “routine doggie day care drop-off,” Hayley MacDonald and Sandy Ferguson went from being GSROC volunteers to life-saving heroines in an instant. While taking eight puppies to The Pet Set in Long Beach for doggie day care play time, Hayley and Sandy were in the right place at the right time when a desperate woman ran into the lobby screaming, “My baby’s not breathing! My baby’s not breathing! Somebody help me!”

Everyone in the entire shop stood frozen, except Sandy and Hayley, who immediately took action. Lifting the unresponsive infant from the panic-stricken mother’s arms, they laid the baby on the floor. Working as a team, Sandy performed mouth-to-mouth, while Hayley administered chest compressions. They knew from their CPR classes that reviving a baby takes very special care, due to the fragile nature of a baby’s body. The pair worked diligently until the one-year-old coughed and vomited, at which point our heroines turned the baby on her side and continued to pat her on the back until she caught her breath. An ambulance arrived to take the baby to the hospital and a police officer took a report from the mother, at which point Sandy and Hayley humbly assumed their roles as animal rescuers and headed off for the GSROC adoption event.

After over thirteen years of saving the lives of countless German Shepherds and various other creatures (including but not limited to: a crow, a turtle, a hawk, a parakeet, a thoroughbred horse, and numerous dogs from Hong Kong) Saturday, September 19th, 2009, will go down in GSROC history as the first occasion upon which a