Friday, Dec 14,2007

We feel proud and fortunate that popular Laguna Beach-based author Marie Ferrarella has dedicated her most recent novel to GSROC! Marie is the respected author of more than 100 fictional works and the proud momma of Audrey Hepburn! Her latest book, “Capturing The Millionaire”, features a beautiful heroinne who is a veterinarian and animal rescuer! Marie based her characters and some of the vignettes loosely on stories of individual GSROC rescues!

We won’t spoil the reading for you, but we know for sure that our little Winchester makes a cameo appearance, as do several other dogs that have come through our safety net on their way to their happily ever after homes! Our organization is featured prominently in the text, and Marie even gave us a beautiful dedication. Once you’ve read “Capturing The Millionaire”, check out some of her other novels as well! For more information about Marie and her work, please visit