Lovable LeeAnn
Wednesday, Aug 04,2010

LeeAnn is a petite, purebred, three-year-old female, likely from Czech or German working lines. Her striking sable coat, coupled with her alert ears and observant eyes, give LeeAnn a capable and confident appearance. LeeAnn is highly intelligent and would thrive in directed pursuits such as agility training,
herding activities, or search and rescue. Although she gets along well with other dogs when introduced properly, LeeAnn prefers to be the only dog the house. LeeAnn is a super-sensitive little girl who requires a calm, peaceful home, with no cats and a gentle owner who has an abundance of time and affection to devote to a loving canine companion. LeeAnn requires a female-only home, as she was traumatized by a male in her past. For more information about LeeAnn click