Tuesday, Jan 20,2009

With 10 newborn orphan puppies in need of bottle feeding, our volunteers scrambled to get the babies attended to. Babies this young require feedings every two hours in order to survive, so the task at hand was quite an undertaking. When things were looking grim, help came from an unlikely source–

A beautiful young cat had been dumped at our vet’s office a few weeks earlier. This sweet kitty had recently given birth but only one of her babies survived–the others were stillborn. In what can best be described as and Interspecies Intervention, the momma cat willingly accepted three of our orphan puppies and is nursing them to good health. This beautiful story of a mother’s devotion has touched each of us, and we feel that we are witnessing a true miracle unfolding. Here is momma cat, Daphne, nursing our puppies, with her own baby looking on in disbelief! Yes, these are real photos—no photo-shopping here!