Lovely Lilly!
Monday, Jan 11,2010

Lilly is a healthy, playful six-year-old female. Her plush coat and perfect proportions give Lilly an archetypal German Shepherd appearance, while her feminine face and inquisitive eyes showcase Lilly’s sweet disposition. She is exceptionally intelligent, highly energetic, and very agile, so she belongs with active individuals. Lilly is fond of swimming and adores car rides, too! She is the perfect addition for a family with young children and other dogs, as she is confident and sociable with both kids and canines of all types. Her congenial disposition would also make her an ideal therapy or service dog — she even likes to carry a backpack to demonstrate that she enjoys responsibility and can handle a job. Lilly requires a yard with a minimum seven-foot fence, as she is a master escape artist. For more information about Lilly click