Thursday, Mar 01,2007

Our Pet of the Month for March is Noah…an adorable boy who slipped in under our purebred German Shepherd detection screen and scored himself a place in our safety net. Noah is a handsome 18 month old boy with a ton of personality. He is mostly shepherd, but he has a distinctive marking on his back that makes us believe that he is part Rhodesian Ridgeback. Regardless of whether he is all shepherd or just somewhat shepherd, Noah will make a great companion for a busy person or an active family. He gets along nicely with other dogs his own size and, with proper leadership, he could be taught to live with smaller dogs. Cats? Not so much. Noah is outgoing, personable and great with kids. Please come and meet him so see how charming he can be!

Theo, our Mr. Canine February, is still looking for his forever family. Please don’t forget to take a look at him, too!