Saturday, Sep 03,2011

Missy is a clever and playful two-year-old female. Her glossy black saddle and light cream-colored coat, combined with a petal-pink tongue and ear interiors, give Missy a feminine flair.This sweetheart is loving and affectionate, but needs to be the center of attention and therefore, requires a home in which she will be the only pet. Missy is very athletic and would make a good jogging companion for a very experienced shepherd handler. Because of her acute intelligence and eagerness to please, Missy excelled in her basic obedience training courses and would do well in the next level of training. However, due to her bossy personality, dog parks are out of the question for this alpha girl. Missy would be the ideal dog for a family that wants a loyal, loving homebody to be their only canine child. For more information about Missy, click here