Sunday, Oct 05,2014

When our veterinarians delivered the news that little Mecca would have to lose her leg at just 9 months old, the sadness was palpable. GSROC rescued Mecca from an animal shelter hoping to be able to repair this petite sweetheart’s limb, but we quickly learned that the damage to the leg was so severe that it would be doing more harm than good for her to keep it. As the shock subsided, we worried about how we could possibly afford the urgent care that Mecca needed. Out of nowhere, the amazing people at Sunstone Hotel Investments decided that Mecca needed some friends, and they swooped in to help. Their kind hearts and giving spirits made it possible for Mecca to receive the surgery that would forever improve her life! Their incredible gift to help the little girl with the mangled led sent happy tears all through our rescue!

No, just a few short weeks following surgery, Mecca’s life has changed dramatically. She has been adopted by her foster parents and acquired a new name—“Louisa”, which she answers to already! To show her gratitude to the wonderful people who helped her in her time of need, Louisa and her new mommy paid a surprise visit to Sunstone Hotels, to demonstrate how far she has come in her recovery. There were smiles all around —especially on Louisa! We are grateful to our new friend, Reenie, and to everyone at Sunstone Hotel Investments for giving “Louisa” a new lease on life!