Monday, Aug 28,2006

Originally posted: Monday, August 21, 2006

After much hard work and planning on the part of our volunteers in Hong Kong, and much excitement and anticipation here in the US, Morgan, Jeremy and their chaparone, Patrick, arrived safely at LAX! Unfortunately, the day that they arrived was the FIRST day of the Federal “Orange Alert”, which meant that the disembarkation and Customs process took much longer than usual…We didn’t mind the delays for ourselves, but we kept thinking about the poor dogs who had just flown 14 hours, and we knew that they wanted to get out and stretch their legs. Finally, after what seemed like centuries but was really only hours, Patrick and his precious cargo came through Customs! We were fortunate to find a kind porter who is a dog lover himself to help us get the dogs through the sea of people and safely to the car for the ride to OC. But first, a stop to get out of the crates and sniff some California soil (and bushes)!!!

Morgan and Jeremy are all tucked in at one of our favo