Saturday, Apr 18,2015

We feel honored to have been selected by Natural Balance to be the recipient of their massive fundraising efforts at the annual Pet Expo in Costa Mesa. Natural Balance chose GSROC above all other rescues and local animal shelters to receive the funds raised during the high-profile 3 day event. Expo patrons were asked to make a modest donation in return for sample packets of Natural Balance’s assorted speciality foods. The team at the booth was outstanding! Through hard work and compassion, they were able to raise thousands of dollars for our homeless dogs. At the conclusion of Expo, we were presented with a gigantic check respresenting the total donation. Our mascot, Rocky, was on hand for the festivities, as were Natural Balance VIPs. We are overjoyed to be able to help more helpless animals with this amazing gift from our friends. Natural Balance ROCs! Please visit their FB page and follow them in appreciation of their kindness!