Tuesday, Sep 11,2007

When we discovered that our sweet Taz has a congenital condition that is causing him to gradually lose his vision, our spirits fell. Here was a sweet, young, handsome dog, so eager to be someone’s special boy, yet Fate had dealt him a cruel blow. Taz’s eyesight is diminishing little by little, and it is causing Taz much frustration and confusion. Naturally, he is startled and on guard when new people approach him, as he can’t quite make them out until he can sniff them for a familiar scent. Taz has visited several eye specialists who shook their heads sadly and said that Taz will eventually lose what’s left of his vision. Just when our own hopes were growing dim, something incredible happened for Taz….

Far across the country, a compassionate New York K9 Officer had quietly taken note of Taz’s situation. Officer Nick Tartaglione of the Briarcliff Manor Police Department was touched by Taz’s hardship and wanted to help. Nick felt a special connection with Taz because our little pup reminded him of his for