Monday, Mar 22,2010

We always knew that GSROC volunteers were heroes, and they proved it once again. Volunteers Sandy Ferguson and Hailey MacDonald rushed to the rescue of an unconscious toddler whose mother was screaming for help. The volunteers were on a mission to drop off puppies at a boarding facility when the mother came running in begging for her child’s life. Sandy and Hailey placed the limp child on the ground and began performing CPR with one doing breaths and the other doing chest compressions as everyone else stood helplessly by. To the mother’s great relief, the baby began gasping and began to breathe. Sandy and Hailey smiled, knowing that this rescue was all in a day’s work for them, but the Red Cross of Long Beach felt otherwise. The heroes were honored by the American Red Cross at a special HomeTown Heroes breakfast in Long Beach on March 11 to acknowledge their extraordinary rescue. They were presented with special commendations and medals as several hundred onlookers applauded.

We are so proud of Sandy and Hailey, and we salute them for jumping in to help when no one else took action! A baby’s life depended on them, and Sandy and Hailey worked their rescuers’ magic! Way to go, GSROC Women!

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