Friday, Aug 22,2008

With our banner held high, GSROC proudly marched with honor as the FIRST rescue ever to be invited to participate in the 104 year old Huntington Beach Independence Day parade! Our enthusiastic volunteers showcased our rescue with great professionalism, and all the dogs were very well behaved. We could swear that the dogs were beaming over all of the attention that they were getting! Our dedicated volunteers took extra care of the dogs by providing plenty of water and even wagons for those that wanted a break.

As the parade wound its way along historic Main Street, parade-goers marveled at the sight of our beautiful dogs marching with heads held high and orange bandanas shimmering in the sunlight. We know that much of the public at large is not aware of the number of homeless shepherds we have right here in the OC community. GSROC couldn’t have asked for a better venue to showcase our magnificent dogs and we are grateful to=2 0the City of Huntington Beach for allowing us to participate.