Saturday, Mar 10,2007

When Oliver Twist arrived at GSROC he had no confidence and was afraid of everything. He was covered with ticks that were literally sucking the life out of him. There were so many ticks feeding off of him that he was anemic and lethargic.

But with the help of his extreme makeover team, also known as his foster home and GSROC volunteers, he has transformed into a healthy, loving and confident German Shepherd! The dedication of his extreme makeover team helped him find his forever home.

We have so many dogs that have heartbreaking and heartwarming “before” and “after” stories. Day after day and week after week, we rescue a number of dogs that are in such horrible condition and it makes us wonder how some people can treat dogs the way they do. But when we do rescue dogs and reach out into the community for support, we are reminded of people like you that have extreme compassion. Thank you for volunteering, donating, fostering and adopting. Without caring folks like you, we wouldn’t be able to rescue dogs l