Thursday, Aug 31,2006

Meet Miss Roxy, a beautiful 5 year old girl with a heart of gold. Roxy’s story is a sad one: She was a much loved companion of an elderly woman and when her owner became too ill to care for Roxy, Roxy lived a lonely life in the backyard. Fortunately, a kind animal lover learned of Roxy’s plight and asked us to help. Roxy’s owner tearfully asked us to find her beloved dog a wonderful new home, and we promised that we would.

Roxy is a fantastic dog! She loves cats and doesn’t seem to mind other dogs, although she would do just fine as an only dog. She is gentle and affectionate and if you leave a folding chair empty, she will help herself to the seat! Roxy is a large female who should weigh around 75 pounds so we are working to get her to a good weight for her frame. Her coat is a little weathered, but will soon be shiney and thick. Roxy is the kind of girl who could probably fit in well to any home. She is currently interviewing for someone wonderful!

To arrange to meet this budding starlet, p