Sunday, May 01,2011

Schultz is a healthy two-and-a-half-year-old male. His glossy black saddle and muzzle shine against his light, creamy coat, giving Schultz a radiant appearance. Schultz is housebroken, familiar with basic commands, and very friendly. Schultz is an athletic, inquisitive and alert young dog, and therefore, requires a secure yard with 7 foot fencing. A home where he could have a “job” to do would be ideal. He is great with kids but needs a home with no cats or other dogs. Schultz is very active and loves to go for long hikes and morning jogs. A friendly and affectionate leaner, Schultz love to give “doggie hugs” and revels in belly rubs! Schultz will make a splendid addition to an active individual or canine-savvy family who wants to devote their attention to one wonderful dog! For more information about Schultz click here