Monday, Jun 21,2010

GSROC learned about Sea Biscuit through a series of emails. Sea Bee (as she has come to be known by our volunteers) is around 11 years old. She had been abandoned by her owner at a boarding facility. The facility kept thinking that the owner was coming back for her, but sadly, no one did. Sea Biscuit was a favorite of the staff at the facility, but she had been there for almost two years–no life for a dog that had served her family so well. When we met Sea Bee, we knew that her body was growing week and that her degenerative nerve condition was making it increasingly difficult for her to walk. Nevertheless, we didn’t want Sea Bee to spend another day imprisoned in a kennel. Our amazing volunteers teamed up to get Sea Bea safe passage. During her first week with us, she hung out with a volunteer who worked from home and had two other pals to keep Sea company. As it is becoming apparent that Sea Bee won’t be able to hold herself up much longer, we decided that we wanted to show her as much of life as we could in what ever time she has left. Fantastic volunteers Jon and Barbara stepped up to take Sea Bee into their home so she could sunbathe on the grass with their resident shepherds. As a special treat, Sea Bee got to go to the beach and watch and sniff the waves (she can’t hear them unfortunately). She had a grand time resting on the beach and making friends with all of the dogs and people who passed by. She talked to everyone with her signature “Wooo Wooo Wooo”, and everyone nodded that she was clearly smiling as she woofed! It was joyous to see and to hear her having so much fun. When it was time to leave the beach, Sea Bee’s legs weren’t working so well, so a kindly lifeguard pulled up in his beach truck and gave her a lift back to the car! (Shout out for the Newport Beach life guards!!) Sea Biscuit positively LOVES to go for car rides and even though it’s a little tricky to get her huge senior body into the car, seeing her so happy makes it worth the extra lifting! Finally, a stop at Dairy Queen for the perfect finish to a lovely day. We hope to be able to give Sea Biscuit many more days of sun and happy times before she journeys to the Rainbow Bridge. It will be incredibly hard to say farewell to Sea Biscuit because she is such an enchanting spirit, but we won’t let her suffer out of our selfish desire to keep her with us. When it’s time for Sea Bee to leave us, she will be surrounded by friends who truly love and value her.

This beautiful day was brought to you through the devotion of incredible GSROC volunteers and the support of wonderful animal lovers who make it possible for us to continue our work.