Tuesday, Dec 05,2006

People frequently ask us, “Why don’t you get the police or Search and Rescue units to take your dogs?” Well, it’s not that simple. First, the dogs selected for this work must meet many qualifications, not just ‘look the part’. The dogs must pass extensive physical exams, including hip xrays, and they must possess strong potential for the working fields. Additionally, dogs selected for this type of work should not be dog aggressive or get easily distracted from their work, and they must have a high tolerance for noises and commotion. The sad reality is that while many of our dogs meet some of these requirements, they rarely meet all of them due to one factor or another. A dog could have great health and great drive, but be disqualified due to dog aggression, for example, or a great prospect in every regard might not have strong enough hips to pass the requirements. In truth, a great majority of the dogs that have jobs in America are imported already trained from Germany and other countries.