Shomer has a gorgeous flowing coat!
Wednesday, Jul 16,2008

Mr. Shomer is a magnificent senior boy, approximately 7 years old. Some people have told us that he might be a shiloh shepherd because he bears the characteristic coat and build, but it’s possible that he is a long-haired shepherd. Either way, Shomer is a very striking guy who loves to be with his person. He is a leaner who takes comfort in putting his paw on your foot for security. Shomer is a little stiff in his joints but he takes daily glucosamine to help with his mobility. He is housebroken and easy going. Shomer might like to share his castle with another dog his own size, but he doesn’t like to be overwhelmed by a large group of dogs all at once. He likes his space! This fella is dying to be someone’s special guy. Please come out and meet him to see why we think he’s a true find! Check out the available listings for more photos of Shomer.