Sunday, Nov 19,2006

Who can forget the look of sadness and despair on Shy Boy’s face when we first snapped his photo out at the canine concentration camp that had been his home for four lonely years? Truly, his story of abandonment and his broken spirit are some of the saddest that we’ve experienced in our work that is filled with hard luck cases. We learned about Shy Boy from a special animal lover who was working to find homes for more than 112 forgotten dogs that have been living in the ‘collection’ of a hoarded in Kern County. She told us that Shy Boy had been in his tiny pen (along with 3 other large dogs) for over four years AND that he had been transferred to this facility after spending 3 years with another hoarder! Shy Boy was so terrified to leave the only security that he had ever known that it was very difficult to lasso him and get him to a transport vehicle for his ride to freedom. Throughout the 3 hour ride, Shy Boy rode frozen like a statue in the original position that he landed in, eyes fixed and glassy, appare