Sully Is A Survivor
Tuesday, May 29,2007

At 5 months old, Sully should be enjoying the best things in life, like rolling in the grass, splashing in puddles, and playing “keep away” with other puppies. But poor Sully didn’t get to experience those things. Instead, his irresponsible family let him get hit by a car and left by the side of the road. He was taken to animal control, but no one came to claim the puppy with the broken leg.

We knew that Sully would have medical expenses when we agreed to rescue him from the shelter, but the shelter veterinarian had failed to detect that Sully’s leg was badly broken in several places. The poor pup sat in his shelter cage in terrible pain because yet another human let him down. When we rushed Sully to our vets, they determined that the leg had to be amputated because the bones were so badly crushed. Sully is recovering well and seems to be adjusting to his new situation. We know that he was already compensating for the broken leg, so we think that his adjustment will be smooth.

Sully has a sweet and