Sweet Sabrina
Sunday, Jul 03,2011

Sabrina is a gentle, 1 year old female. Her floppy ears and earnest gaze, coupled with her soft black and cream toned coat, give Sabrina her sweetheart looks. Sabrina has a charming disposition, is well behaved around cats, and enjoys the company of other dogs. Sabrina was discovered all alone in a desert field, so she needs a very quiet, adult-only home, or family with older kids, where she can feel secure as she adapts to her new life. Sabrina has a tendency to become withdrawn and fearful in new situations, so she requires a household with a stable routine, and without a lot of change or commotion that would cause her overwhelm. A house with another dog (or two), who will giver her guidance, and help her develop confidence, would be an ideal situation for this loving girl. For more information about Sabrina, click here