The Ultimate ROC Star
Saturday, Jun 02,2012

GSROC stepped up to rescue a nearly-blind 6-year-old German Shepherd, “sight-unseen” as it were. We were advised that Rocky was abandoned at the shelter by his owner. It’s no secret that dogs past middle age have a tougher time being adopted than younger dogs do, and dogs that aren’t ‘perfect’ are even more at risk. When we agreed to rescue Rocky, we didn’t know what we were getting into; we just knew how terrifying the animal shelter environment had to be for a dog without vision who had lost his family.

We quickly learned that Rocky was a ROC Star in the making. He is happy and affectionate, and he doesn’t let his visual impairment slow him down. Rocky has been diagnosed with pannus, a congenital condition common to German Shepherds. While he will never regain the sight that he’s lost, special eye drops and ‘doggles’ to keep the sun out of his eyes will help him retain the vision that he has now. We are certain that he sees shapes and probably light and dark images. Surprisingly, he doesn’t startle easily, although he doesn’t like small dog jumping at him. (Who does?) Rocky will make a wonderful and loyal companion for someone who wants a friend to hang out with. Ideally, he should stay out of direct sunlight when possible.

Can you be the lucky family that welcomes Rocky into your lives? He promises that he will repay you with a lifetime of devotion and humor!