Thursday, Feb 01,2007

Theo has the wisdom of a philosopher, the nobility of an aristocrat, and the good looks of a Roman god. He is approximately 5 years old and was rescued by a kind woman who witnessed as he was struck by a car outside of her office building. Poor Theo was badly shaken up and his hip was damaged. Our efforts to locate his owner have proven fruitless, so we dug deep into our pockets to scrape up the funds needed for Theo’s hip repair surgery. Theo is well on the mend now and our vet expects him to make a full recovery. He is a medium-sized male, weighing around 70 pounds, but his capacity to love is huge! Theo is housebroken and rides nicely in the car. Theo would welcome a home with a canine playmate his own size (preferably a female!) but he has told us that kitties are out of the question.

Won’t you come meet this big love bug to see if he can be your special guy?