These students are GSROC Roc Stars!
Monday, May 17,2021
GSROC Community Service Projec

GSROC volunteer Peggie Yamaguchi was recently contacted about a community service project at Evergreen Christian School and Veritas Classical Academy. Mrs Hemmerling, who teaches art at these schools charged her kindergarten – twelfth grade students with completing a community service project.

Mrs Hemmerling gave these students a special assignment. They had to draw or paint pictures of the dogs they found on our GSROC website. Once the assignment is completed, the art work will be utilized in a variety of ways. Some of the art work will be framed and displayed in the GSROC rescue office. Other portions of the art work will be turned into note cards and given to new GSROC adopters.

This experience allowed the students to learn about dog rescue activities and how the dogs at GSROC are cared for until adopted. Mrs. Hemmerling encourages her students to give back to the community. GSROC is grateful to have been chosen by her students. We are so excited to receive their beautiful artwork. Mrs Hemmerlineg – you and your students are GS ROC STARS!