Thursday, Mar 08,2007

GSROC’s junior volunteers pulled our their secret recipe for “fabulous” lemonade to raise money for our beautiful orphans. They saw a need, and knew that they could help. The two ambitious entrepreneurs set up their shop and eager customers flocked to sample some of the delicious drinks. The operation was very elaborate and very professional. The girls overcame heavy winds that threatened to topple their thriving enterprise and raised a grand total of $55.00 in just a few hours. All proceeds from their efforts will be directed toward GSROC’s emergency veterinary fund to help the dogs that arrive in poor condition.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County would like to salute Danielle and Abbie, devoted animal lovers (and their wonderful parents) for their hard work and compassion. Even more refreshing than the tasty lemonade was the loving spirit that these girls showed by coming to the aid of less fortunate creatures. We’re proud to have them on our team!