Friday, Jan 26,2007

We’re always surprised when we see people at our adoption events with incredulous looks on their faces. People approach us and say that they just can’t comprehend why there are so many unwanted shepherds in the world…we’ve even been asked if we’re doing a ‘stunt’!!! The sad truth is that GSROC is only able to rescue a fraction of the purebred shepherds that are languishing in shelters throughout Southern California. We get between 20 and 40 calls and emails a week asking for our assistance with a dog in need.

Most of the dogs that we rescue are homeless by no fault of their own. Typically, the former owners did not do their research before they selected the breed for their family, or they did not look ahead into the future to determine whether or not they could offer a permanent, stable home for the dog. All too often, people–perhaps meaning to do a good thing–make impulsive decisions to add a dog to their families, without considering the long term commitment required. They don’t take the time to