Puppies abandoned in desert!
Sunday, Jul 15,2012




The situations that so many of our dogs come from are enough to break any heart, but when we learned what had happened to Patriot and his brothers and sisters, we felt sad to know that this kind of cruelty exists in the world. Patriot and four other 3-month-old puppies were found in a remote area of the high desert, struggling for shade under a spiny bush. A hiker came upon them, and peering at them under the bush, she gasped: The puppies were completely bald. Their skin was raw and angry with oozing sores.


Thankfully, this wonderful animal lover did not turn away, or decide that it was too much trouble to rescue the puppies. She was able to secure all six orphans and with no other options available, she contacted Animal Control. GSROC quickly learned of the situation and we responded immediately. We scooped all 5 of the sad babies up and took them to a vet. We honestly didn't know if they were German Shepherds or not because they had no fur at all. What we could see, however, was 6 innocent creatures that deserved comfort and love. We just can't imagine who would do something like this to such helpless babies.


The little family was diagnosed with contagious mange (contracted from mites) on top of secondary skin infections and assorted other parasites inside and out. What is remarkable about these puppies is that despite their frightening beginning and unkind treatment, they are gentle and very easy-going. They enjoy being held and stroked, and they have perfected the fine art of snuggling. The puppies are receiving medical treatment every week, as well as medicated baths, de-worming, vaccines and when they are strong enough, they will be altered. We expect them each to make a full recovery in spite of their awful experience.

GSROC took the puppy family in without any pledges or sponsors—we just knew that they needed to be saved. Now, we are asking our fellow animal lovers and our devoted sponsors to agree that we did the right thing by helping us to offset the overwhelming cost of their care. Each of the puppies has incurred medical costs in excess of $800, so now we are desperate to raise these funds to repay our veterinarians. Please take a look at little Patriot and imagine what he's endured. If you are in a position to help him, his family, and so many other dogs that have no one to turn to, please pledge your tax-deductible gift in any amount. He is counting on us, and we are counting on you, our fellow animal lovers

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