Rainy days and dogs
Friday, Nov 09,2012

When it starts raining at our house, we have a drill-

Rainy Daysrun up and grab 5-6 rugs and 3-4 towels

put the rugs out underneath the dog doors incoming and outgoing

go throw two door mats on the part of the grass that gets the muddiest

bring in another water bowl so as to cut down the in/out traffic

We keep the towels right by the dog door to dry off the dogs when they come tearing back in from the rain.

I go on high alert for the clicking of the dog door as it falls behind the dogs when they run in so I can get to them before they shake off the water.

rainy day dogsIt also becomes a strategic puzzle as to how I can fit in a walk when the rain stops… and sometimes it is a small window. And there are the days when we miss a walk and my big boy follows me around… bored and waiting. I often wonder what he would do if I wasn't here to follow around.

Pets need stimulation just like people. They need entertainment, so when a pet is cut off from mental and physical stimulation he can develop bad or destructive habits, such as chewing or barking. no, not shepherds! 🙂

As we hit the rainy season, consider picking up a few new toys for your dog that you can leave him with for his lonely rainy days. The kong type toys are fun to find new treats you can put into and can give them hours of “play”. Make sure you get the right size kong for your dog so there are no choking issues.

Good luck with the rain, and remember….

wet dog