Save a senior and change your heart forever
Sunday, Jan 27,2013

PoppySo I have this old guy here at my house as a forever foster, and he has a lot of issues. He is completely deaf. I mean…I can actually come up within an inch of him with the vacuum and he doesn't even turn around. Completely deaf. is vision is pretty bad. He walks into corners and you have to wave his food dish around in big circles so he sees it and knows dinner is ready. His nose works well, so he knows when you are making breakfast or dinner…he just needs help knowing that it is ready; then he wags his bald little tail and gets on over to his meal.

He also is very stiff, and my daughter calls him “Robot” because of the way he moves. When I offered to foster him, we took him in to get his teeth cleaned. They were pretty bad. He had 15 teeth removed. Wow. That is a lot. You would think he would have trouble eating… but he doesn't. He is such a little trooper. I love this guy. I really do.

There is something so special about rescuing an old dog. He is so sweet. It feels like he knows I will be here with him when he needs me the most. We have a special bond. With everything we have going on around here, this little man seems to be so grateful, and is so attentive to me. He can't hear me, but he watches my every move. He and I don't have a history. I don't have memories of him as a healthy dog that I can giggle over with him. I don't know what his favorite treat is, or where he loved to be rubbed before the aches settled in. But I spoil him. I cook for him. I give him his meds.

poppy2But I wonder who he misses…

I think for me right now, this is such a parallel that it is having an impact on my heart. I have a kitty that I rescued when she was about 7 months old. hat was 19 years ago, so she is old and at the end. My husband has been around for 15 years, so my kitty is the veteran here. As kitties age, they get thin. She is so thin now. She is on medications. She is on fluids. She is always hungry She misses the catbox. She screams for who knows what. And still… she is my baby. I know her. I know where she loves to be rubbed. I know what her favorite treats are. I remember how silly she was when she was healthy and I still see it in her… deep in there. I know her as a healthy cat. Now, her body is failing and she is an old lady… but I remember her silly little face standing over me at 3am… wanting to play. I hold her now and I giggle and whisper our shared memories to her. I know this girl, and she will be comforted by me, by us-her and I… until the end.

My sweet little old man foster… I don't know that he gets the same comfort from me as my kitty does. I know he is comforted by me and I know he loves me. His sweet little tail wags when I come in the room. I know his little body aches and I am learning where he likes to be touched. I have learned what foods he especially likes. I am here until the end with him…but I wonder who he dreams of when he goes to sleep. Who is it that knows him and who shares his memories? He is in my heart and I will be here until the end with him… but who is in his heart?

I wish he had someone holding him who could whisper special memories to him.

I don't understand how someone dumps an old dog. It is like dumping a sick child, or an old parent. I wish everyone would return the favor with these amazing animals and hold them near and dear through the last amazing years of their lives.

poppy3I wish they could all have loving memories whispered in their ears until the very end.

This they deserve.

Rescuing an old dog will truly change your heart. It is one of the purest forms of love you will ever experience. I highly recommend it. The heartbreak…totally worth it.

The pictures you see on this blog are of Poppy. She is our old gal. She is safe in our care, but she needs a forever foster or home. She is living in a kennel right now. She deserves to be cherished and have a warm bed. Maybe you can be the one Poppy dreams of.