GSROC Senior Sanctuary

Responding to the rising number of senior and medically challenged German Shepherd dogs abandoned by owners and languishing in shelters, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County has embarked on a journey to create a Senior Dog Sanctuary to provide a life-long safe haven for dogs that are less likely to be adopted. With the belief that all creatures–old or young, sick or healthy–deserve to find love, GSROC plans to design a soothing environment that provides elderly shepherds with the comfort, security, and care that will enhance and prolong their lives.

Plans are underway to create an environment that favors home-like settings with capacity for play, walks, and other activities.

Our first phase of fundraising to begin this sanctuary is estimated at $1,000,000—a daunting figure, but not if we all work together.  Please help us help our orphaned seniors by donating to create a loving Senior Dog Sanctuary for their final years.

Your initial donations will be used for:

Site feasibility, evaluation, and site acquisition

Site preparation (grassy areas, living areas)

Recuperation areas for those shepherds that are ill or injured

Food, medical supplies

The second phase will include costs for ongoing operations of the sanctuary.