Our family is ETERNALLY grateful to GSROC
Blitz and Razor

January 5th, 2023 was a heartbreaking for our family. Our beloved Blitz, as the result of an unknown issue, passed. the speed at which Blitz health deteriorated left us devastated. Blitz was approximately 9 years old and we had the extreme joy of having adopted this gentle giant in 2018. Calm, gentle and very much attached to our family. About 18 months later, after adopting Blitz, we adopted a pup, Razor, from GSROC. Blitz & Razor were best buds. Had it not been for all the efforts of all the folks at GSROC, our family would not have had the opportunity to find “our guys” and adopt Blitz & Razor. For that, our family will be ETERNALLY grateful to GSROC and will definitely continue to support your AWESOME organization.

thank you!

The Russell family

Michelle Bergeron Animal Samaritans SPCA, Inc.

“GSROC has been a rescue partner of the Coachella Valley Animal Campus/Animal Samaritans Adoption Alliance Program since we first began the program in 2011. They have been an invaluable rescue resource to us during this time, and we’ve all become rather close to one another. They’ve helped us to save many lives over the past few years, not just the bouncy and the young, but also the old and the injured. I will never forget poor Aristotle, the gentle giant who came into CVAC with an open head wound. I immediately called GSROC and without even the slightest hesitation, they offered to take him. This year, the case I’ll never forget is the senior gal that came in just before Christmas, tripping over her own stiff legs from arthritis. I reached out to my friends at GSROC and why was I surprised – of course they took the gorgeous gal! Thank you GSROC for always being there when I need you! Here’s to many more years of saving lives!”

JENNIFER LEE PRYOR Director, Pryor’s Planet www.pryorsplanet.com

“I adore GSROC because they are not only so caring but thorough; they completely vet their rescue and assess the temperament of all the dogs so there are no surprises and get training when necessary. The integrity of this organization is beyond reproach. When they commit to rescuing a dog, they follow through and stand by that dog 100%. GSROC is one of the best rescue organizations in Southern California–hell, in the whole state!”

JEFF T. YDT Training Staff www.yourdogtrainer.net

“The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County has raised the bar with their training program. This is possible because of the dedication and passion of the GSROC volunteers that take the German Shepherds through the 8 week long group obedience classes. The results are seen when these formerly shy, confused or unruly dogs become the confident and loving creatures that they truly are. My hat is off to this amazing group of volunteers who, with tremendous caring and love, help these German Shepherds to become more adoptable.”


“In my professional opinion, GSROC is one of the very best rescue organizations I have had the pleasure of working with. GSROC strives for excellence upon the minute a new dog enters their network, which leads to countless adoptions. GSROC’s approach of matching the appropriate dog with each family based on personality is comprehensive and ahead of the pack. To ensure successful adoptions, GSROC goes a step further and implements behavior modification, even before a dog is adopted, to ease the transition process. To enhance the skills of their volunteers, dog training seminars featuring training professionals are organized frequently. As a trainer who specializes in German Shepherd Dogs, and has had them all his life, I recommend GSROC to anyone looking for a loyal companion.”

WARREN ECKSTEIN — Internationally Acclaimed Behaviorist www.thepetshow.com

“Having worked with over 40,000 dogs of every size, breed, and mix — I still remember my first dog, a German Shepherd named Smokey. Since then, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for German Shepherds and have tried to work with as many rescue groups as possible. On my Radio Show I kept hearing about this amazing group GSROC, did a little research and was blown away at the amazing work that they do. They are passionate in their pursuit to save as many dogs as possible, and do not hesitate to take even those needing urgent and costly medical attention. As tireless advocates for humane animal treatment, GSROC is a presence at court hearings to assure animal abusers are brought to justice. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of the volunteers and, of course, Maria Dales as well as their dogs — and all I can say is they have earned my respect because they really ‘Walk the Walk.'”


“As part of the veterinary team that cared for Gustav at ACCIM in Tustin, I can say that I’ve never worked with a better rescue group. GSROC did everything we asked and more. There were several times where we had to make life or death decisions due to the severity of his disease. Each time the entire team would discuss the options and each time the group elected to move forward. Gustav, however, never gave up. Despite some of the dark times during his care, he always had a wag of his tail and an ‘appreciative’ look in his eye. Gustav steadily improved and eventually went to his new home. We’ve seen him back several times for post op visits and then later, ‘social’ visits; he’s become the dog he was destined to be and has a great new home.”


“I work with many different rescue organizations and GSROC stands apart from the rest. Their volunteers go the extra mile and are willing to work hand in hand with us to give the animals the best possible care. As an organization, they really go over and above to save some very fragile lives.

We should all be so lucky to have such caring people loving us when we are sick.”

CATHI DECKER Vice President, Cats In Need of Human Care, Southern California

“I have worked side-by-side with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County for over 15 years. We appreciate their professionalism and caring for each and every rescued dog and new home. They go out of their way to make sure that the dogs are in good health and know their personalities before finding homes for them. They spend the extra time it takes to get to know the homes and match the right dog with the right home. They are honest and reliable and can always be counted on to do what they say they are going to do. They have a large group of fantastic volunteers who are friendly, organized and knowledgeable. GSROC is the most responsible dog rescue group that we have worked with on the weekends at Petsmart and at pet adoption shows.”


“German Shepherd Rescue OC is a very professional group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping match great dogs with families.

The volunteers go out of their way to care for the dogs while they are fostering them and make sure they are in top health and ready for a new home. They are friendly and helpful. I have enjoyed my experiences with this group.”


“Dear Friends of Orange County German Shepard Rescue, We are sorry it has been such a long time since we have been in contact with you, after adopting our darling White Shepard, Wolfie (aka Knuke?). As you know, we had lost our beloved white Shasta to cancer and had been grieving for months. Unfortunately, one year after adopting our new boy, we lost our home and all our material things in a house fire. We had just opened a new business and suddenly, our lives were thrown into total turmoil. Thankfully, we are now in a position to share our joy with the wonderful people of your organization. Wolfie is three years old and our daily joy. Most days after his exercise, he comes to work at The Flea Market, our consignment store on 405 Ocean Ave., Laguna Beach. He is the perfect ambassador for your organization and our store. Several times a week, we give your website to people who wish to learn how to adopt such a wonderful companion. He is loved and photographed by tourists from all over the world. He is so gentle with children and the elderly and he is adored by all. Grown men stop by during their lunch hour to visit Wolfie. When customers arrive, the first question we are asked, “Is Wolfie here?” He is listed on our business card and is on our website as the general manager. He is the heart of our business. We were homeless and in turmoil and yet Wolfie gave us joy and the will to continue and to laugh each day. We wanted you to know, we did not rescue Wolfie; he rescued us and we are indebted to you forever. If you can, please stop by one day at the store and visit.”

Helen E, Adopter 

End of January, my life changed when I lost my precious dog of 12 years.  I told Maria Dales of German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, that my next dogs would be a bonded older pair, but I was not ready and not going to look.  I didn’t have to, days later, feeling lost and lonely without my beloved Truckee, I received an email with the pictures of 2 male dogs needing out of a high-kill shelter. When I heard that they were rescued by GSROC, the next day, I was amazed at how quickly they moved to save these 2 boys.  One look at these two, and as all you animal lovers know, I have a 9-year-old and one-year-old bonded pair!  The organization went above and beyond, bringing me food and collars, and understanding how strong my grief was and how strong my love for animals is, always.  I support German Shepherd Rescue for their professionalism, great treatment and care of all their rescues, and never giving up on finding only the best homes. Every day, I am thankful for the effort they put into saving my kids and helping me move on with life again.

Helen E, Adopter


“…All the volunteers we interacted with were wonderful. You could tell that they all truly cared about the dogs they were trying to find homes for and the future dogs that they could help. Each person took the time to help us find the right match as well as provide us wtih as much information about the breed, specific dogs and resources that were available to us. They kept in touch with us as well in the weeks and months after the adoption to check in and provide support… ” – Mary Beth…


“I’ve seen some incredibly great shepherds come through German Shepherd Rescue OC. The volunteers at German Shepherd Rescue OC are incredibly dedicated to the health and well being of their homeless dogs. They provide them with quality care and really get to know the dogs before re-homing them.”

KELLY SKAJA, RVT, BS Technician Manager Yorba Regional Animal Hospital www.yorbaregionalvets.com

“For the past few years I have had the priviledge of working with GSROC and its amazing volunteers. The blood donor program has been a continued success due to the dedicated and dependable individuals at GSROC. Because of their consistent efforts, our patients have had blood products available during times of need. As a veterinary technician, I can appreciate the work involved with pre-screening, transporting, organizing, and keeping accurate records of each of the dogs that GSROC brings in to our facility. It is not an easy job, but these volunteers are more than willing to do what it takes to assure that our patients have blood available. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a cooperative and generous rescue group.”

JON PROVOST — TIMMY FROM “LASSIE” www.jonprovost.com

“There are a lot of rescue organizations out there and I have seen a great many — some good, others not so good. I have found the key to a good one is the people, the volunteers. The volunteers that run the GSROC are some of the best I’ve met. And at their 3rd Annual Alumni Reunion, the dogs I met were of the highest caliber. Some had histories that would turn your stomach but thanks to GSROC, they now live happy and healthy lives. Keep up the great work that you do! The dogs thank you and so do I.”


“As a longtime humane educator, I have worked with dozens of animal rescue and education groups …. and German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is outstanding in every way. The staff’s care and compassion for animals is widely known here in Orange County and beyond … and my personal experience in receiving a dog from GSROC was absolutely wonderful. Sensitive and intuitive, the kind people at GSROC helped me to choose the perfect new companion to add to my family. ‘Sophia,’ a beautiful Tervuren, has worked out wonderfully and I couldn’t be happier. I make a regular monthly financial donation to GSROC because I know they use my contributions wisely and well … and I am looking now to foster another one or two dogs, because this group deserves all the support we can give it. Thank you, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and Maria Dales!”


“I have had the opportunity to work with a number of volunteer organizations and rescue groups throughout the years in the course of my work. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County sets the standard for other groups to achieve.

I’m impressed with not only the quality of the dogs, but with the competence of the volunteers, as well as the unflagging devotion to an often misunderstood breed. Hardship cases are not turned away, and GSROC demonstrates a genuine commitment to making the right match between each dog and each prospective adopter.”


“GSROC is an incredibly professional animal rescue that has made a difference not only for German Shepherds in Southern California and their owners, but for all pets. The founder of GSROC has made tremendous efforts to save the lives of pets at shelters throughout Southern California. She fights tirelessly to help municipal shelters find ways to give animals (both cats and dogs) the chance at life they deserve. Her efforts truly bring me to tears because, without her, thousands of animals would die each year. GSROC’s accomplishments have amazed me. Beautiful German Shepherds are so mistreated and misunderstood because of their strength and intelligence. GSROC saves the lives of even those whose situations seem beyond hope. Not just the puppies or the young dogs……Maria and GSROC save the lives of elderly and sick dogs, giving them a voice and their dignity. BRAVO to GSROC and Maria Dales for inspiring us all to do our best to help save the lives of deserving animals everywhere.”


“On my search for active K9s, I have worked with the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. I was highly impressed by not only their professionalism but also by the enthusiasm and motivation of their numerous volunteers. Every single one of these admirable rescuers knows each dog personally and up close and can recall not only potential special needs but also all their quirks. Their many adoption events are well organized and I have rarely seen such well-cared for rescue dogs. I highly recommend this group and will definitely adopt from them in the future again.”


“Hi, I’m Dan. My wife Natalie and I went to Centinela Pet & Feed location in Costa Mesa for a GSROC (German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County) event. We knew right away that Jackson was the dog for us from the moment he rolled on his back and gave us his paw. GSROC is a caring organization that truly goes out of its way in rescuing dogs who were abandoned or simply couldn’t be kept for one reason or another. Their volunteers are full of compassion and are all about finding the right home for their rescue animals. I was quite impressed that they would actually send someone to come to your home to see the environment that their dogs would be put into and gladly made suggestions to better care for the dog’s new home. If you’re thinking of getting a GSD, I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this organization that has so much to offer and a truly painless process that benefits the dog in which will be going into a caring home. It was amazing to see how many beautiful dogs they have on hand at any given time, and being able to take them on a walk, on lead (leash) to see its temperament and ability to get along with its new home. I also liked how GSROC would list the individual dogs character and whether it had any basic command training down; this let me know that they took the time to get to know each and every dog that they took in… Lastly, no I have no affiliation with GSROC, but simply an Alumni of a caring organization looking to place a loving GSD in to a good home. Jackson has been a true keeper that simply needed some TLC to flourish. Yes he’s spoiled, but he has come a long way from his initial 75lb weight to 85-90lbs of joy!”

JIM DOTI President of Chapman University

To whom it may concern:
I’m writing to let people know that German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is one of the best support groups I’ve ever experienced.

Our family has adopted two wonderful dogs (Roxy and Angel) from GSROC. But that’s not why I’m writing this testimonial. I’m writing because of all the volunteers who give so much in so many ways to care for and find homes for so many super dogs.

In this day and age, when one wonders how much of one’s donation goes to the cause rather than the bureaucracy, I know all of my GSROC donor support goes to better the lives of the dogs in its care.

I saw recently that GSROC was voted the best nonprofit organization in Orange County. This well-deserved accolade shows that I am certainly not alone in singing the praises of an absolutely incredible organization.

In the end, a truly great organization is great because of its people. In the case of GSORC, though, the greatness stems from its great people AND its great dogs.

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