Until the end my friend, and then some
Tuesday, Jun 19,2012

Fancy1Tonight, one of our dedicated volunteers is sitting in an Emergency Vet hospital room, with his beloved foster baby in his lap while she crosses over to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure there are a million places he would rather be, but there he sits… holding this girl so the last thing she knows is a kind face, open heart, and love. This particular man has made sure that this dog has known love since she came to the rescue. We haven't known her for long, but it got me thinking…every dog should pass over in the arms of those they have loved, and for lack of a better word… served.

I have known so many people who have said that when the time came for their dogs to be released and put out of pain, that they loved the dog too much to be with them in their final moments. In a desperate attempt to not be judgmental all I will say is … ummm, what?

Fancy-2I was talking to a lady the other day who had owned, loved and known her dog longer than she had known her husband and obviously, her kids. Her sweet little old lady was 14 years old and could no longer stand on her own. This woman sent her old gal off in the car with her husband to go to the vets to be put down. It was too hard for her, after 14 years, to be with her baby and hold her tears, smile at her and hold her while she crossed over. I wanted to ask her what she would do if her child was sick and in the hospital. Send flowers?
So, when the time comes that one of your furry family members must move on, please take the decision to be there with them as seriously as you take the decision to let them go. Think about who you would want around if it was your time…I bet you would want your dog there.

RIP FANCY. You were important. You are loved. You will not be forgotten.