Dogs that need urgent care

As animal lovers, we try to do our best to provide comfort and care to dogs that are injured, in pain, or ill. Many of the dogs that come into the rescue require emergency care in order to save their lives. Sadly, a decision to save a dog's life often comes down to our ability to pay for his or her veterinary care and continued healthcare needs. Sometimes, having a foster home or a hospice home ready and willing to accept a special needs dog can make all the difference in the world. If you believe in our work and want to help us make a difference for dogs with urgent needs, please pledge a gift of support for any of our injured or ailing dogs, or submit an application to become a Foster Family for one of our Urgent Needs dogs. You will feel so gratified knowing that you can personally bring about a miracle.


DREAMER is in very bad shape and needs help ASAP! She has been consistently starved and now has out of control diabetes and several major infections! Can she count on your support?

Bodie adopt a german shepherd - bodie

5 year old Bodie is a happy guy who loves people and other dogs. He has an injured hip and desperately needs surgery to get better. Can he count on your help?


Ronin arrived in horrific condition. Emaciated and suffering from a terrible skin condition. He is missing most of his fur and has oozing sores and crusting. We can only imagine the amount of pain and discomfort he has. He needs our help asap!

Ezekiel – Zeke

6 month old Ezekeil - Zeke to his pals -is a sweet puppy with a heart murmur. He loves to play, but tires very quickly. He needs our help and needs it NOW!