German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC) encourages high school groups and other groups to help with the support of our orphans. At any point in time, we have between 60 and 80 orphans looking for their “furever” homes.

There are several ways that you and your group can help us.

German Shepherd Rescue Orange County Group Volunteering Events

1. Change Their Luck

With this fund-raising event, we will provide you with an acrylic collection box where people are encouraged to deposit into the box all of their loose change. When the box is full, simply contact us and we will meet with you to collect and count the change. All of the change will be used in support of our rescue efforts. Once each year, in December, we host a major Change Their Luck campaign, usually in Costa Mesa at a pet food store that supports GSROC. If your group would like to participate in this campaign by bringing collected change to the event and/or helping count or volunteer at the event, please contact April Morris, our volunteer, at:  Change Their Luck Campaign

2. Wish List (Food and More) Campaign

For this campaign, we will provide you and your team flyers listing all of the items we need to feed or care for our orphans. Your team can help by setting up collection bags at your school or location to help collect these items. You can bring your bags of goodies to us in Yorba Linda and have a picture taken with one of our orphans. Please contact April Morris, our volunteer, at:  Food and Toy Drive

3. Other Fund Raising Opportunities:

There are other fun ways that you and your team can help us raise funds for our needy orphans.  Here are a few to consider:

Walk for a Dog

This is a free app from Wooftrax. German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is one of the supported rescues. If you download this app and choose German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, we are given $ for each mile you walk. You and your team can have a 30-day challenge to see who can log the most miles – hopefully with your dog, but you don’t need a dog to participate. We can provide a GSROC T-shirt or other item to the winner of your challenge. Interested in the challenge? Contact Walk for a Dog.

Garage Sales

If you and your group would like to host a garage sale benefiting GSROC, we can help you by publicizing the Garage Sale on our Facebook page and to our list of volunteers. We can provide you with fliers about us and our mission. For the organizers, we will be happy to provide you with a German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County T-shirt, hat or other merchandise we have available so that you look “official”.  Contact: Garage Sales

Bake Sales:

Many of our volunteers host bake sales on their own, with the proceeds going to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. Please contact us if you are interested in this.
Contact:  Bake Sales

Having a birthday and wish to donate to GSROC?

Many of our loyal fans use their birthday to help us raise funds. Using Facebook, you can ask friends to donate funds to GSROC for your birthday. It’s a fun way to help our orphans. Need help with this? Contact: Birthday Donations


Many companies, such as Amazon, Ralphs, Rover and more have programs where you, as a consumer, can sign up and designate a % of your purchases be sent to GSROC. It doesn’t cost you anything, except a few minutes to sign up. Visit our website: to see a list of participating companies.

Other ways:

Keep an eye on our website for other ways that might pop up for you to help out!

Thank you for your interest in helping our rescued dogs in need.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

Questions? Contact