Happy Ending

Nothing makes our volunteers and supporters happier than seeing how our alumnae dogs are thriving in their forever homes! We love to get regular updates and photos of your adopted dogs so that we can share them! Please take a moment to submit a Happy Ending photo of your dog with a small note about how he/she is doing!

A Note From Toby and Blaze.
We were adopted back in June by our Mom. Our new home came with 2.5 fenced acres and two kitties! We really enjoy our new home and we’re pretty sure out mom likes having us around too. She takes us to work with her often and we’re always going for a ride to the store […]

Napoleon Gets His Happy Ending!

Abbie Sends Kisses
I just wanted to let you know that Abbie is doing extremely well, and so is her new friend Luckie (formerly Chocolate – Starr’s baby boy – 12wks), from CuddlyCanines. Abbie is quite the mommy, and has been showing him the ropes of the home and yard. They love to play together and are quite […]

Luna (Lisa) is a delight!
Here is the latest picture of Luna(formerly) Lisa. She loves to play with Moya (our OC shelter rescue 2004). She is healthy, playful and very loving. We call her Luna Lisa, or Luna Doona…..she loves to play fetch, learned to sit and down in the first week of having her. She loves her kitty friends […]

Getting Ready for Halloween
My boss’ dog, Taquita, sent the girls Halloween outfits…they are going to be ballerinas!

Murphy Hanging with His New Big Brother
Maxx and Murphy are getting along great!

Buddy has been a joy…
And seems to like his new home. He’s well-mannered, gentle and very, very loving. He likes Carl’s office floor (especially if Carl is there, too) and the living room rug. He has a couple of toys and loves to play tug-o-war with Carl. Right now he wants to be near one of us at all […]

Morgan Is One Happy Boy!
We took some great pictures of the happy boy.

Here’s Easy Taking It Easy!

Mila’s Happy Ending
We can’t tell you how grateful and extremely happy we are to have Mila. We took her to our other home this weekend that we are still finishing building and she had the time of her life! She did not want to get out of the river and spent hours chasing waves created by all […]

Rin is doing awesome
Shelby absolutely LOVES this dog and he is sooooooo gentle with her. When we’re out doing errands without Rin, She will say “Mommy I miss Rinny I can’t wait to see him” We love him so much. He really is such a great dog.

Harley all grown up
He was a GREAT looking pup & is a really GREAT looking dog, too!

Queen Sheba
Blondie is doing just great her name is now SHEBA! She acts just like a queen, she gets along with the kids just great, and she loves LEO our other German Shepherd. We are training her right now, she still has a lot to learn, but she is coming along just great. We are trying […]

Gunnar’s Birthday Party!
Some pics of Gunnar and Daisy for Gunnar’s 3rd Birthday….1st official with us.

Abbie out and about…
Attached are pictures of Abbie and my Dad which I took on our recent hike in the San Gabriel Mountains. Abbie really enjoys the outdoors, especially the water which she jumps right into! She is completely comfortable with friendly strangers, and ignores horses, but is still getting used to meeting new dogs.

Roxy’s Happy Ending
As you can see from the photos I took this weekend, Roxy is doing just fine. She is growing attached to our cat and seems to love running with me as well as my wife. She is definitely feeling more comfortable in her new home. We all love her. She’s really a terrific addition to […]

A Happy Ending for this Timeless Story…
Things have settled down quite a bit, Lancelot and Guinevere are bonding and as long we give out equal love (they are both jealous!) everything is great. Guinevere had her first vet visit last Friday and of course everything was ok, and we had her microchip-ed as well. We have played a lot, taken car […]

“Tank you” from Tank and Emma!
We just want to share our “tanks” with some pictures from our latest trip to San Simeon. Both Tank and Emma are as happy as we are… can’t you tell??

Raven becomes Kayzee and HAPPY!!!
Kayzee (formerly Raven) is now in the good paws of Sinjin and Tina, and our hearts. She is warming up, chews stones, picks up toilett paper rolls, socks and anything else she might find… in other words; she is a pure healthy black German Shepherd puppy. She is adding on pounds (from 28 to 38!), […]

Tiko Lounging In The Pool
As you can see by the photos, Tico is living the “life”! He loves stealing Grandma’s float, and relaxing in the swimming pool! He weighs about 40lbs. now, and the vet said he will probably continue to 55-60lbs.

Bella’s Home Sweet Home!

Tula and her Body Guard…

Pepsi (now Thisbe) is wonderful beyond words
Thisbe makes me happy every day, all day. What a little treasure you rescued!

Whiskey’s happy ending
Whiskey with his new family!

It’s amazing how the German Shepherds know their own kind!
Just thought I’d drop you both a line and let you know that Scout (formerly Sammie) is doing great! He met his other 4 legged and 2 legged family members today. It’s amazing how the German Shepherds know their own kind! Sergeant and Amber (my daughter and son-in-law’s German Shepherds) just took him right in […]

Callalilly and Gunther, ruffing it!
Just wanted to drop a note. We love our babies very much and thank you for trusting us!

Laid back…
One week and all is fine. There is some jealousy when we do not divide the attention evenly but all else is fine. Shadow can use the dog door and has been in our pond several times but she stays away from the pool. Shadow is very respectful of Harley and lets Harley run the […]

Cisco doing what Shepherds do best

Snoop Dog with his favorite humans!

Greta is a terrific dog…
I wanted to thank you again for having us over to see Greta and letting her go with us. She seems very happy here. It took us 10 hours to drive back, partly because we stopped several times to walk or run Greta and give her water. Terry and I traded sharing the back seat […]

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