Happy Ending

Nothing makes our volunteers and supporters happier than seeing how our alumnae dogs are thriving in their forever homes! We love to get regular updates and photos of your adopted dogs so that we can share them! Please take a moment to submit a Happy Ending photo of your dog with a small note about how he/she is doing!

Tate and Bumper Doing Great
Bumper and Tate are doing very well. Bumper started obedience classes a few weeks ago and is doing pretty well. Tate continues to excel in his classes. He and Bumper are like two little kids. They love each other and play constantly even in the mud when it’s raining! They are a ton of fun. […]

A Christmas Note from Jerry Lee in Virginia!
Jerry Lee is asking if there is any grievance procedure that can be undertaken against his human companion. He claims that he is being systematically starved while I eat constantly. My story, on the other hand, is that carrying 119 pounds was exacerbating his hip problem. So, he now weighs in at a (almost) svelte […]

Ariel Is One Happy Princess
Greetings, The attached image illustrates one happy German Shepherd now at our home. Ariel has spent three nights in the house without incident–she’s quite content. You’ll also notice, one happy 6-year old girl that is also very content with the ‘other’ princess within our home–Ariel. Ariel has resumed a healthy diet, since her recent situation, […]

Happy Holidays from Blossom and Gator!

Naomi And Her New Little Girl
Ok let’s put my new dog into my car.

Sparky Came By To Visit
He looks great 🙂

Bobby And Teto Enjoying Life
Here is a nice picture of Bobby in his new home, sitting next to his new brother, Tito. Bobby is on the right.

Gunner In The Foothills
Gunner is finally getting in the car on his own! I took him up to my parents’ house in the foothills on Sunday. Thought I’d send you a few pics of him.

Major And Precious Hiking
We went out this weekend on a day hike up to Silverwoods the view was wonderful, the day turned out to be nice, and cool perfect for a day on the mountain. Like always Major and Precious had a blast. Major still needs some work while walking on the trails. His curiosity gets him too […]

The Three Musketeers
Here are 2 photos of the 3 Musketeers. The Photo that I took in Stephen’s room was just using the camera flash instead of the external bounce flash that I would normally use, but since it was a Kodak moment I didn’t want to miss the shot. It was dark in Stephen’s room as he […]

Happy, Happy In His New Home
Here is a picture I took this morning when I took Happy to his new home. They were very excited to get him. Dakota’s (the little boy) birthday is today & Happy was his birthday present. Dakota was very surprised as he had as Santa for a pup & he got one for his birthday […]

Happy Birthday Amber!
Amber enjoying a birthday party with her new family.

Dooley Doing Dynamite
Just thought I’d touch base again and give you an update on Dooley. He is doing great in his new house – we have a giant fenced backyard and a 14 year old neighbor boy who plays with him constantly. He still spends part of every day at the dogpark or on long hikes. I […]

Heidi Likes To Watch TV
Thought I’d give you a little update on Heidi. I should have a picture or two shortly for all of you at GSROC. My Aunt Bobbie, that you met when you brought Heidi over, went to Phoenix to see a friend of hers and took the digital camera with her and I didn’t know it. […]

Berlin and Bejing Are All About FUN!
Happy Holidays from Berlin & Beijing!

Tula Swimming With The Fish
Happy Thanksgiving. Just wanted to send a few pictures of Tula. We figure 8 months old or so. Tula our rescue pup is just amazing — Our koi fish love her too and swim with her each morning. Rescue when you can – or donate — it is a great experience!

Scooby Went From Homelessness To Happiness!
We went to the Petsmart in Yorba Linda today and came home with more then dog food. Scooby now has a new home and playmate and Aja has a playmate. Aja actually picked out her new friend with a lot of help from Nixon. If you talk to Nixon, he brought scooby to the house, […]

Gus Is Such A Love
I am attaching a photo of Gus, the GS you rescued from Norco. Gus is such a love. He has been full of energy since he had the IV therapy in October. I bought a small potted Xmas tree yesterday so Gus can have an authentic Xmas tree. I am so grateful you rescued Gus. […]

Rocky Is A Real Winner
Here is a pic from this morning, when Rocky went home with his new dad. Rocky clearly seemed to remember Butch, who fed him string cheese during their first meeting. Rocky greeted him & then began checking Butch’s pockets, as tho looking for more cheese. Butch has promised to stay closely in touch with us, […]

Anza Scored A Fantastic Family!

Samantha & Tootsie Doing Great!
The girls are doing GREAT! They love running in the yard and chasing after each other. They both got a bath after that. We went on a walk yesterday and they were sooo excited. They have to go out to potty a few times a night but they are still getting used to their new […]

Bailey (Formerly Simba) and Dad
Bailey is now in training to be a therapy dog! She isn’t so little anymore but her dad says that she is spoiled, sweet and somewhat shy.

Mazy’s Happy Ending
Mazy is very loving and energetic. She is slowly gaining weight and Tucker tolerates her at this point. Mazy wants to play with him soooo badly – he will need to warm up some more, the ol’ crank. She gets along great with the humans of the household and loves to sleep in the bedroom […]

Angel In Her Forever Home
My husband and I adopted Angel earlier this year, just after we had lost our 11-year old German shepherd, Lancer, who we had as a member of our “pack” since he was six months old. Angel is approximately eight years old, and we chose her because we are “senior citizens” and thought it would be […]

We’re Ready for Our Close-Up Mom
Here is a couple of pictures of the dogs playing or resting after playing. Kacie (aka Wookie,aka Princess Leah) is settling right in now. I will keep sending pictures as I take them. It is hard to get them to sit still.

Wizard, George, and Martha Living the Good Life
It’s so hard to get George, Martha and Wizard still long enough to get them all in the same photo. But, I finally did it! They are all lined up ready to come in the house. The three are doing great! Thanks for the extra joy and chaos in our house!

Olivia The Party Girl With Her Pack!
Here are some rough shots of the team. I’ve included Mick as well, who we adopted through OCGSR in August 2003. Enjoy, and thanks for the assistance.

Mocha Taking A Nap With Dad!
Mocha and Dad, relaxing! She has already gained 8 lbs.

Shea, Formerly Shy Boy!
Here is a photo of Shea resting on his “bed”, our living room couch! Everyday is a change for him and he is approaching me more often, but does like the chase me game! A beautiful GSD female puppy about 4-5 months of age wandered into our yard (still had her stitches) and she seems […]

Elvis (formerly known as Rocco) Living The Sweet Life
I’m doing fine. Here’s a couple pictures of me chillin’ and sleeping on the couch just like Dad, and pictures of my brother Rocky. I’m supposed to sleep on my doggie bed, but I like mom’s spot on the couches better, besides mom never really gets mad at me anyway. She thinks I’m cute no […]

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