Happy Ending

Nothing makes our volunteers and supporters happier than seeing how our alumnae dogs are thriving in their forever homes! We love to get regular updates and photos of your adopted dogs so that we can share them! Please take a moment to submit a Happy Ending photo of your dog with a small note about how he/she is doing!

Winchester (Spencer) Stops By To Say Hi

Announcing A New Family Member
After our beloved Kodi’s death, we prayed that God would lead us to the perfect new companion. We were confident it would be another white German Shepherd. But, this past Sat., we felt led to adopt this magnificent, 90 lb. well-behaved and obedient black and tan 2 yr. old from the Orange County German Shepherd […]

Olivia And Mick Livin’ The Good Life
Enclosed is a picture of Olivia and Mick that is pretty much a representative of their early afternoon routine. The basic problem is that neither of them will share, so Elaine and I have to sit on the floor if we want to watch the TV.

Happy Girl Cinders In Agility Training!

Kodiak Finds His Forver Home
Kodiak and his new pal Stoli just having fun.

Chelsea Finds Her Forever Home
I had been looking at the black lab Serenity who you said would not be a good 2nd dog and you suggested I check out Chelsea since she is a bit smaller than most shepherds…well it was love at first sight and I wanted to let you know she is thriving here with our 8 […]

Daisy With Her Buddy Zac
She is doing really well and is just as happy as ever.

A Happy “Tail” From Harley and Gypsy
Our Mom adopted us (Harley) on February 4, 2006, and (Gypsy) on June 25, 2006. We’re so happy to have a nice home where we are loved and cared for. Our Mom says we live better than most people’s kids and we think that’s probably true. We get to go out and run and play […]

The “Buddy” System
Happy New Year. Here is a photo taken the other day of Koda and Buddy. Buddy has taken over the yard as well as everything he can get his mouth around… typical PUP!

Millie Sends Her Love
For more on Millie’s Happy Ending click here.

Angel Is A Treasured Family Member

Lauralee Passes Her Driving Test

Tinker Finds Her Forever Home
Tink is doing great and is very much a part of the family.

Lola, Now Sheeba Comes By For A Visit
This is a photo of Lola. She was adopted from us about 2 or 3 years ago. Lola is now called Sheeba. Her owner has trained her extremely well. It was beautiful to see. He said he feels so lucky to have Sheeba and would never ever buy a dog again, and will always go […]

Our Super Star Agility Dog – Sunny
This story has a very happy ending. Sunny (formerly Sabrina) is one of those GSDs who really needs an active job. She is “Sunny the energizer Bunny”…just keeps going & going & going. She was made to do agility, and often beats the border collies in both speed and perfect courses. Even with her boundless […]

Daisy Protecting Her House
I’ve been trying to get this one of her looking out the front screen door for a long time but she always catches me trying to take the picture and then runs towards me. This morning I was able to get it before she caught me. She loves to sit there for hours and “protect […]

Look At Lucky Now
For the happily ever after… This guy fell out of a truck on the 710 freeway about 4 years ago. Look at him now…

Love At First Sight For Blondie & Kate!

Max Says Happy New Year
For Max’s birthday I bought him an outside bed (his inside bed is the couch) since he likes spend a lot of time outdoors (the dog door is always open so it’s his choice as to where he wants to be). He’s enjoying his new bed and life in general. He weighs 94 pounds which […]

Luna Ready For The New Year
Hi and Happy New year! I thought you might like to see Little Luna (Lisa) in a most recent picture. She is getting soo cute and her personality seems to develop more each day. She is going to older puppy school at Petsmart…she learns very quickly but is still reserved and aloof of strangers and […]

Louie! Louie!
I hope your Christmas was great. The furkids are doing pretty well. Louie gets into stuff, just like a puppy does. He’s pretty good about not doing it again when scolded. Nothing valuable just annoying. LOL. Why do dogs like paper products so much? Even Raz can’t resist a toilet paper roll, and Louie loves […]

Candace and Sam…Loving Life

Gunner’s First Christmas…Plus Octopus!
As you can see the red and green octupus is never far. That’s his favorite toy.

Happy Endings For Cheyenne
We got some hail on the 27th – Cheyenne ran around like a crazy woman in it!! It was hard to get a picture of her because she wouldn’t hold still!!! One of these days I hope to catch her howling. What a hoot! The first time we heard her was in the deep, dark […]

Gunny Is Exactly What Sadie Needed
I thought you might like an update on Gunny (formerly Prince). He is doing great, and what a doll! I was looking for a companion for my sable, and he is exactly what she needed. His temperment is so easy going and laid back, in fact he is downright goofy. Gunny is very good looking […]

Major Says Lee Is His ‘Human Velcro’!
ell the year has come to an end, and my life has changed thanks to the wonderful people at GSR, and my new human companion, and Precious my 4 legged companion (woof…woof). I came to meet Lee, and Precious through Mary, and Dennis to them I owe you my life living in a shelter day […]

Winchester, Now Gibbs Update
We reached a MAJOR milestone today. Gibbs followed the other dogs out of the dog door without me encouraging or going along. They all went out and wondered in the backyard, chased a couple of squirrels and barked at a blimp. This is the first time he has gone out without me and I am […]

Jackie Is Home!

Faith and Dakota Say ‘Cheese’

Harlee And His New Pack!
Ada & her family came over this afternoon & met with Harlee. He really seemed to love all the attention the kids were giving him. They were very impressed with him & loved the way he would sit & shake for them (not something we can take credit for, he already knew how to do […]

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