Happy Ending

Nothing makes our volunteers and supporters happier than seeing how our alumnae dogs are thriving in their forever homes! We love to get regular updates and photos of your adopted dogs so that we can share them! Please take a moment to submit a Happy Ending photo of your dog with a small note about how he/she is doing!

Lakota and his buddy
We just wanted to provide an update and continued note of appreciation for the addition of Lakota (Tej) to our family pack. In just a few short months Lakota has transformed from an explosive, but fun loving pup who had to be on a leash when inside the house to a very cuddily and steady […]

Dieter and his Dad chillin’ out

Anneke’s Home Sweet Home

Sadie and Marian are all smiles!
I hope that these pictures truly reflect the happiness that the O.C. German Shepherd rescue sheds on folks like me. I know that there is a tremendous amount of dedication and sincere love that you all have in guaranteeing homes for these affectionate canines. I can’t thank you enough for all your patience and pride […]

Rocco Finds His Forever Home
Elvis (formerly Rocco) is the perfect big brother to Rocky. I’m so fortunate that he waited for me!

Danielle and her new family

Diego, now Leo, finds his happy ending

I wouldn’t trade my baby for all the tea in China
Heidee loves her Scooby Snacks and Marrow Snacks. She also likes Slim Jims, which the owner of the Liquor store across the street gives her once in a while when we pass by there. It’s usually towards the end of our walk. She likes French Vanilla ice cream and has started stealing my black licorice […]

Life is so much richer and happier with Brooklyn!
We adopted “Brooklyn” (formerly “Dutch”) in March 2005. He loves long walks, car rides, running full speed, swimming, playing ball, sheepherding, parties, playing with his best human friends, Alex (6)and Kris (10) and Rita, his GS girlfriend. Friends have nicknamed him the “Swashbuckler” because of his adventuresome spirit, unflappable nature and enthusiasm for fun. He […]

Gunny (Taylor) & Shasta (Angel) love going four – wheeling in the mountains.

This is Lucky…
We placed him about 4 years ago after he had been thrown from a pick up truck on the 7-10 freeway and hit by 2 cars. Here is a pic his family just sent of him and his little friend. He’s a litte spoiled.

Aja loves to chase the flying bugs…
She loves to run around the tree and chase the flying bugs at night. Went to the local park today and she was a very good girl, her sniffer was going all the time.

Yay for Lady Di…
Lady Di is fitting in very nicely. Everyday is a little bit of a challenge but I think that should be expected with this intelligent breed. This girl is a very bright and I’m not sure if I have ever run into a dog this scary smart.

En Famille!
Here are two or our three girls….on the iceplant of course! I’ve been meaning to send these off to you all. Blossom isn’t too much of a player really but Sasha is always after her( and Felice both) to get it going. Blossom’s idea of playing is to walk around majestically with a big rope […]

Duchess gets her happy ending
Duchess and one of her new fur-siblings!

Ella is the best dog we could ever ask for..
Thank you for rescuing ‘Ella’ formally known as ‘Kinsey’ and allowing us to be her forever home. She has brought so much love, happiness, and fun times to our family.

Princess of the Practice
This darling girl is Ashley… Ashley was a very sick girl when she came to GSROC. She was treated at Community Vet Hospital by Dr. Grant and his caring staff. They came to love her so very much they pleaded with GSROC to adopt her. Ashley is now the “Princess of the Practice” and she […]

Magnum Force…
Here are pictures of Magnum. He is smart and funny and has become a much loved part of the family. Thank you for all the work you do to rescue these magnificent dogs.

Kaya Happy Ending…
Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that Kaya is doing great. She is such a love. I really wasn’t ready for another dog, but I’m coming around because you can’t help but fall completely in love with her. She is really happy and she goes to work with me every day. She […]

Odie The Superstar…
We had our 4th training session last night. Caroline says we have now moved into the intermediate level. Odie can heel like a champ, and sits when I stop…consistently. He sits and downs at my side, and because he is my little velcro dog, we have him sitting and downing out in front of me. […]

Puppy Simba—now named Bailey
You would never know this dog was at one time terrified of life! She struck out at anyone who came near her, even biting a shelter worker. She was sick with a deadly virus and was within hours of being euthanized. She now loves just about any person or dog she meets and shows no […]

The beautiful girl formerly known as Xena is now Della…
She is a charmer. She is very playful, strong, clumsy and full of energy. Thank you for everything. The organization is wonderful.

Stryder Taking It Easy At Home…
I couldn’t resist sending you a couple of pics of my cute boy. I just thinks he looks so cute when he sleeps in his little bed.

Koa (formerly known as Buddy) is doing great!
He enjoys playing with his roommate Gidget, walking 9 holes at the golf course (after its closed of course, don’t tell the city), taking long walks on the beach, going to the dog park and hiking in the mountains. Koa has become a wonderful loving part of our family. Thank you!

The Daily Walk…
Here’s some recent pictures of me taking Elvis (Formerly known as Rocco) and his brother Rocky, out for our evening walk, and pictures after our walk, taking a break on the front lawn.

Kasey, Now Cody Finds His Forever Home…
I just wanted to touch base with you regarding Kasey. We changed his name to Cody. He is adjusting very well to our family and is a very sweet dog and loves our two little girls. He just showers them with kisses! We have him enrolled starting next week in Dog school which should help […]

Dickens is doing great but a bit spoiled…
Everyday at about this time he starts getting upset because he thinks it’s time to go to the dog park. One story, we were down at the beach when a sea lion tried coming on to shore. All the other dogs ran but Dickens went right in and started licking it’s face. The sea lion […]

We marvel at Duke every day…
It seems impossible but he gets better and SWEETER, if that’s possible, daily. We can’t thank GSROC and particularly the Hancocks enough for the joy he has brought us. He is a great recruiting tool for GSDs when he meets people. He IS a LADIES’ MAN, and has all the women in the neighborhood wrapped […]

We feel blessed that Daphne and Katie are part of our family.
The girls are doing great. I can’t believe how smart they are. They know lots of phrases and are so well mannered now. They also get along so well. Although, I do wish they wouldn’t jump on the bed at 5:30 EVERY morning to wake us up….I’d like to sleep in just once! We keep […]

Caesar (formally T-Rex) has settled in nicely
Caesar (formally T-Rex)has settled in nicely and I take him every morning for our constitutional walk. On Tuesdays we go to a German Shepherd training class, where he is doing very well following all commands. Everybody who sees him comments on what a handsome dog he is and how so well behaved with people and […]

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