Happy Ending

Nothing makes our volunteers and supporters happier than seeing how our alumnae dogs are thriving in their forever homes! We love to get regular updates and photos of your adopted dogs so that we can share them! Please take a moment to submit a Happy Ending photo of your dog with a small note about how he/she is doing!

Hopalong (now Rin) in his new home…
We hope he loves us as much as we love him. He has been just a joy to have around. Thanks for saving these great dogs.

Tiger sharing a treat with his devoted mom!

Jennifer Leather sofa sleeper couch… $1,500. Jenny, Todd, Jayson, DeeOGee and Bear stretched out watching Corpse Bride… PRICELESS!

Thank you so much for caring for Bear until we got to have him.
We wanted to give you a little update on Bear (aka Pat). It has been a little over 7 months since we adopted Pat from your wonderful foster care. He sure took right to the crate and is very loving. He certainly has grown so I’ve attached some picture of his growth that you might […]

Rudy is such a good boy
Rudy has gained a little bit of weight, especially around his head, and he’s absolutely gorgeous since his coat got a shiny; I think one of his parents was sable or something, he’s got traces of it on his shoulders and chest. His eyes teem with joy and are expressive over everything; Sometimes I just […]

Ulysses and friends
Relaxing in Santa Fe.

Talia, Our Hero
This morning we heard Talia barking frantically. It wasn’t like her normal bark when she tries to control the ravens (she’s our alpha). We know she was trying to alert us. I looked outside and she was barking at their water dish and holding all the other dogs off. My first thought – snake. That’s […]

We are truly pleased with Ricco
His socialization is going phenomenal and we are truly pleased with him. He is 73 lbs now and still growing! This picture is my favorite of the many that we had taken by a professional photographer.

Cassy is getting so big

Today is Gradys birthday
Today is Gradys birthday, 2 years old!! and 92 pounds!! We sure do love him. He is like a person in a dog suit. We have taken him and Willow through 3 training classes at PetSmart and they did great. They are definitely much better doggie citizens for it. Hank takes them both on a […]

Pepper Update
Well the boys just returned from their grooming and Pepper looks great. They said he did very well. We went and played catch after they returned. Pepper and King are soooooo funny. They both run after the ball and both of them bring it back to me. I know Pepper is my baby but I […]

Four months have passed now and we have no regrets.
For a long time, Ron and I had talked about getting a dog. With all that was going on in our lives, it was just talk. Ron, being a former K-9 handler, was very comfortable with the German Shepherd breed. He would find himself visiting the German Shepherd Rescue site on the internet quite often. […]

Tracker is doing great!!!
He has established himself as the Alpha dog but yet still gets along with Hunter. She occasionally naps in his crate with his bedding and he’s ok with it. We have a new game where we hit plastic golf balls for practice and he retrieves them for us, he digs the action. It’s great that […]

He is a treasure
Hi, Just wanted you to know that Magnum is a wonderful Shepherd. He is really a part of the family and is learning the routine. He walks with Dave every morning on a harness. We really don’t use the choker any more. He has learned the basic commands but still has a little trouble with […]

Lakota’s exuberance has helped us to move on
Lakota (the puppy formally known as “Tej”) has been bonding quickly to our family. When Lakota first entered our home, we wondered if we had made a wise choice; he bounded throughout the living room, knocking over my three little boys like tiny bowling pins. He learns quickly, however. A gentle soul at heart, Lakota […]

Thanks for rescuing this little guy, he is so precious
Just wanted to say Max (Quinby) is doing great! He was so good during his ride home. He wanted to sit with Becca and me, he loved looking out the window to see what was going on. We got him a gold bone with his name and phone number engraved, new collar and bed yesterday. […]

He is part of our family and we love him…
Our new boy Rufus (formerly Thumper) is doing great! He is part of our family and we love him to pieces! He has put on weight, settled the dominance issues, staked out “his couch” and it feels like he has always been here. We couldn’t be happier.

Beau Our Southern Gentleman from New Orleans
We changed his name slightly, as he is our “Southern Gentleman from New Orleans”, so we call him “Beau” (although he is still working on his manners). Beau is very playful, has an incredible sense of humor, loves playing with children, other dogs, and plays fetch really well, too. He gets along great with our […]

I will always be grateful…
Shayna is doing very well. She is just such a wonderful dog and I will always be grateful to you for sending her my way.

Kitri now thinks she is the queen and the other two are her ladies in waiting!
When our Beloved Petra died of lymphoma we were devastated, It happened so quickly. My wife was so sad and when I said lets get another puppy, she said It’s too soon. Well I went online looking for puppies and found gsroc. There was a dog by the name of Roxy on the site and […]

She has found a home, and we have found a family member…
We wanted to update you on Bella, or Isabella, as we call her. It has been two weeks and Bella has gone from a shy little pup who refused to walk, to a beautiful, playful little girl. She and her brother, Corky (our rescued 3yr old Pappillon) are the best of buddies. He has shown […]

Tracker is exactly what our family wanted…
A well behaved active male that loves to play with kids. Although it has only been a couple of days we are confident that he will adjust and be happy in his new surroundings. I would like to thank the rescue for all of their hard work and especially thank Jeff and Sonya for putting […]

He’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself…
I’ve been meaning to thank you for my wonderful friend Parker (use to be Irvin). Do you recognize him? He was shaved when I first got him, he is the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Guinness (formerly Star) and Holtz!
Guinness (Star) & her big brother Holtz relaxing after their walk.

His new name is Nohea–Hawaiian for handsome…
Thank you sooooo much for “Faust”! His new name is Nohea–Hawaiian for handsome. He is very smart and very shepherdy. A couple of issues, but he is learning quickly and will in time have a good command of the basics. He is with me at work as I write. Just hangin’ by my feet. Debbie […]

Angel’s dreams came true…
Angel in her new home with Chuck and Karen!

Millie gets her forever home…
Well, the ride home from Orange County went really well. Once we got on the freeway, Millie laid down in the back and went to sleep. She’s already been all over the house and the backyard. We walked her down the 3-4 blocks to Petco to get some food and toys and such, and she […]

Here’s Bella!
She just completed basic puppy training…it’s a good start. And we love her very much!

A “Major” player…
Major is starting to come around. This morning we went out for our morning walk and he didn’t even pull once on the leash. That was good. I decided to sleep in the back room with both dogs before moving into the rest of the house, plus being such a small room it would be […]

From life in a cage to life in an amazing family!
Used as a blood donor dog for a vet’s office, Thor saved countless canine lives during his tour of duty. This heroic boy lived in a cage for seven years before finding his way to GSROC. Thor had never enjoyed the warmth of a home, the security of loved ones, or the pleasure of a […]

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